Saturday, 27 June 2009

Lets get Viral: Moving on the #banpuppyfarming twitter campaign

@tottielimejuice has tweeted about how best to turn a twitter hashtag into a trending topic and the answer has come back....... from @robineccles

that we need to each send a tweet to  (at least) 5 friends and ask them to send to 
5 friends & to add the #banpuppyfarming at the end, with a link to a blog about the issue. 

So I am blogging briefly and hoping that you have come to this blog to find out what 
it is all about.

To find out more about why we are running this campaign look at the 
last couple of entries in this blog and follow some of the links.

I hope to see some of your tweets when I search the hash tag #banpuppyfarming

thanks for joining in.

Rose, Archie, Lilly & Daisy

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