Monday, 12 January 2009

10/10 Rating for the Well Balanced Pup DVD

Good News for Well Balanced Pup to start the New Year!

We've just heard that we have had a really good review for the DVD in February issue of Your Dog magazine.

We scored 10/10 in their review and they recommended it as a "must have DVD" for anyone planning to breed a litter.

They also recommended it as a good buy for people planning to buy a pup, to give them ideas of questions to ask of a breeder.

Not forgetting the added bonus of the ahhhh factor of the footage of the puppies. Go out and get a copy and read it for yourself!

You can order a copy of "Well Balanced Pup" online on the wellbalancedpup site and pay via PayPal or order by post by sending us a cheque for £20.95 (£19.95 + £1.00 p&p).

Watch a quicktime trailer on the site or see Pegs Pups on YouTube.

For mail orders (using Royal mail) , please send a UK cheque, cash (cash by registered post only) or postal order to:
Well Balanced Pup,
PO Box: 221