Saturday, 2 May 2009


Having spent much of April recharging our batteries and getting to grips with our new gear, we are back on the road and looking for new Press Pack members. 

So if you've got a busy summer ahead, as a family dog, an assistance dog, working or playing hard at agility, obedience or field trials and you are interested in joining the crew reporting for the Press Pack then drop us a line. 

If you live outside of the UK you could bring in a seasoning of special interest stories for us. 

We're also interested in dogs whose companions are trainers and who work as a team in the hardest job in the world, dog owner training! Or if you have some great holiday plans we'd be interested to hear them. 

Press Pack members can get the chance to review some products along the way, as a thank you to you for joining in, so email us and lets get working together.

We are starting our Summer Tour with the Ultimate Pet Show at the NEC so keep an eye out for us if you are going too. We will be out and about promoting positive news about responsible breeding, health and welfare of all our canine friends and passing on tips and techniques from breeders and trainers from around the country. We'll also be promoting our Well Balanced Pup DVD to help people understand the importance of health and temperament of a pup's parents and early socialisation on the rest of a dog's life.

Lilly will be Lead Reporter for the Show to prove that she is growing up into a great newshound, keen to sniff out the stories. 

We have a new version of the bark recognition software in beta testing so we will have to see how it performs before the cut and thrust of the summer shows are upon us.

Anyone with a story or some photos to pass on just email us at . 

You can preview our dvd by watching the quicktime version of the intro by Vet Sheila Crispin and follow us on twitter as @wellbalancedpup