Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Palma the Cesky Terrier earns her stripes as a member of the Press Pack

Well you can't be a member of the Press Pack without your own jacket,
so Palma went to the Togs for Dogs stand .......
to be measured up for one to fit her perfectly.
Although everyone loves her...........
and can't get enough of her cuddles....

.....she had a serious job to be done.

Starting with the briefing at 10 am in the Press Office...

following up some research with a colleague....

and then getting down to the hard task of a Roving Reporter

........meeting and greeting the VIPs

.....taking to the real dog lovers at Crufts

and not forgetting getting a dogs point of view of life and work.

So although she does "cute" very well, don't underestimate
this little grey dog from the Czech Republic, 'cos she has a big heart
and never fails to sniff out the real story behind the news.

Remember to go to Scout's Blog on the Crufts site to get the full story

on the Press Pack at Crufts.

Search Dogs, Corrie and Drift, from the Southern Scotland Search and Rescue team at the Eukanuba stand

Search Dogs Corrie and Drift from the Southern Scotland Search and Rescue team having some down time. The team is sponsored by Eukanuba who provide food for all ten dogs in the team and also those in training. It works well for both the team and Eukanuba, the team is run entirely on donations with volunteer members giving up their time to train and go on call outs to search for people lost in their area, so free dog food is a definate boon. The Eukanuba nutritionist assesses each dog annually and decides which of their foods suits each dog. As a dog food company they are pleased to support the work of the Search and Rescue team by helping to keep the dogs in top condition.

Einich and Mirk decided a break's a good idea too, they both know that Drift and Corrie can teach them a thing or too. Einich is training to be a Search and Rescue Dog and Mirks father Search Dog Beinn has recently made some important finds while working with the SARDA Lakes team. Check out Dotties Blog on the Sarda Lakes site.

After meeting Caesar, Mirk decides he wants to play with every Golden he meets!

Caesar has joined the Press Pack now with his companion Wendy and they sent us more photos of Crufts from Caesars point of view. Have a look on Scouts Blog on the Crufts website for more on the Press Pack at Crufts and the Diabetic Hypo Alert Dogs.

Mirk gives some eye to a VIP at the Dogs for the Disabled 21 years party.

Mirk had a good chat about puppy socialising with the experts who involved right at the start of Dogs for the Disabled who understand how important it is for puppies to learn about the world early on. Going to the pub with your pup was this mans tip, sounds good to me.
remember to find out about the Press Pack at Crufts go to scouts blog on the crufts site

Some of our Crufts photos - dogs on security

These guys did a great job, there were loads of people at Crufts but nothing phased them.

Mirk and the crew have a great time at Crufts

It was a very busy few days. Mirk was on Sky News with Carolyn Mentieth, he interviewed the Editor of Dog World, who interviewed us back and put a clip on the Dog World website. - you have to scroll down a bit, its dated the 6th March. We made friends with loads of visiting dogs and their companions. I'll write more later - we've got lots of photos to upload too. We're still getting our breath back!