Wednesday, 24 June 2009

More suggestions coming in about how to #banpuppyfarms & #banpuppymills

Right, moving on from this morning...

within 30 minutes of sending the first #woofwednesday tweet asking @petplan if they will help us #banpuppyfarms , I got a tweet saying we were in the top three rt'd tweets at the moment, globally, great. 

So, take heart friends, this is a good way of working, through our own individual networks and linking in to #woofwednesday and #followfriday. 

So lets wing this, with as many different suggestions as possible, lets do them all, pass them around by tweet and blog MAKE SURE YOU HASH TAG YOUR TWEETS by adding #banpuppyfarms or #banpuppymills . Maybe we can agree on a single one so we can consolidate the numbers of people hashtagging. 

This is a global issue and dog owners are supposed to be a steady market in these difficult times, but we also want to buy from ethical companies, we want companies to make sure that they are not promoting or supporting the puppy farming business by insuring, vetting, feeding, whatever? The Cooperative in the UK has shown there is a strong and growing ethical market and they have won awards for their corporate responsibility, they dont hide behind mealy words they make sure their policies work. 

 So what shall we do...
  • tweet celebs and anipals and ask for support, include lots of mentions of friends in each tweet, and remember to hashtag with #banpuppymills and #banpuppyfarms 
This is a marathon not a sprint, so keep coming back and encouraging each other and lets make it happen.

From Archie, Lilly, Daisy and Rose
(Reporting for the Press Pack)

If you need to understand what we are up against, have a look at the Puppy Love website run by @banpuppyfarmsuk or watch one of the videos they have on their site.

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