Wednesday, 24 June 2009

How can we use twitter to ban puppy farms for once and for all

The Twitterverse and Bloggerverse helped to score a hit in the campaign to Ban puppy farms/mills yesterday when the Interpups site that was selling puppies online was taken down to remove the petplan logo from their site. 

But where do we go from here....

I'm sure between us we have lots of ideas, that we can circulate using twitter and our blogs, to explain to companies like Petplan that if they committed to support the campaign we can all work together to make it happen..and they will be the "Good Guys" and we will love them and recommend them and all the rest. 

But if people don't come out with solid ways in which they make sure they as companies don't make money out of the trade in puppies, then we know that they must be the bad guys and we can make bad press for them.

So I am starting a twitter campaign today to see if we can communicate to some of the big companies in the dog world that  they can help us BAN puppy farms/ mills FOR GOOD, starting with Petplan. 

In the summer it is a slow time for news generally, particularly in August, so there is more chance for us to make the news worldwide with a twitter campaign. The press is really interested in it at the moment after the #iranelection .

So what do you think people, if we all ask all of our followers  to tweet @petplan & email them and ask them to confirm they don't support puppy farms/mills and how are they going to make sure that they dont get caught supporting them again... and how are they going to help us with the UK and US September,19th Puppy Farm Awareness Day...?

What do you reckon, got to rush got to be somewhere else see you soon. 

Bark you later!
Sorry no photo in a rush

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