Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Dogs Unleashed Part 1: What a scorcher

We all really enjoyed our visit to Dogs Unleashed at Newark Showground, after a long trip down we managed to park in the shade so we could chill out when things got too hot. Wish we'd known about the re-launch of  Driving with DogsThey list over 400 dog walks that you can choose close to your route as well as dog-friendly pups & cafe's close  (within 5 miles) of motorway exits. As they include walks all over the country I think we will have to check them out next time we go on a trip.
We took lots of water, sun cream, a collapsible water bowl, a special toy for when Lilly got bored and a Kong (you can see later why that came in handy). Lilly's Press Pack jacket only came out occasionally  so she didn't get too hot.

As soon as we could we found the Cesky stall to meet up with our twitter pals and to give Palma her new coat. 

We also managed to meet up with our other twitterpal PaulineMM and her fourlegged crew, Mickey (13) & Mitzi (14) who were enjoying the sights. Pauline is part of the team on the #banpuppyfarming campaign trail, having been involved in dog rescue organisations including Hope Rescue and Greyhound Gap, she knows why banning puppy farming is so important.  Have a watch of this little puppy puppet telling his story and Ridley Ramblings explaining why not all pups are as lucky as Luther.

Back to the show, Lilly soon sniffed out a good deal and we bought some new dog beds from Gary at Handmade Dog Beds who gave Lilly the inside story on how they are made. They are made out of the same material as rucksacs, very hard wearing & hose down when they get muddy.

Dufec's owner Sally had a good sign in her car window that I thought we might make a version of ourselves in case we had an accident.

This is Sparky who was learning about the world by going around the show with his owners, he was taking it all in his stride as he already goes to puppy classes and knows how to show respect to other dogs, Isn't he a cuty. 

This big chap definitely had his eye on the main chance but he gave us an idea and so we put our Kong to good use...we filled Lilly's Kong with ice-cream and she woolfed it down before it melted in the heat.

We had a really busy day, too much to put into one blog, so coming soon...Lilly finds out more about some treats at Daisy's Dog Bakery, there's terrier racing, flyball and Lilly tries out a Fiat van for size. 

Remember to follow @wellbalancedpup on the campaign trail on twitter, keep adding #banpuppyfarms onto your tweets, send friends links to the videos posted by @banpuppyfarmsuk and check out the Puppy Farm Awareness Day on the 19th September being organised by @marcthevet

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